Moreland Council Morning Peak (7-9am) bicycle counts 2010 to 2017

Map depicts results of the 7am to 9am intersection bicycle intercept surveys conducted between 2010 and 2017. Survey conducted using human observers recording the turning movements of each bicycle user as they pass through an intersection. Surveys conducted on a mid-week Autumn work day following recommencement of both primary school and university terms (usually the second Tuesday in March). Approximately 100 sites are included in the survey. In any given year approximately 30 sites are counted. Count sites are rotated with the aim to count each site once every three years.

Growth rates (where provided), are calculated using a 'gradient of trend line' method. This requires a site be counted at least three times before a reliable trend line can be calculated.

Copies of the original Microsoft Excel spreadsheet data source, and the python code to create the data are available from the Moreland Transport GitHub page.